Windows 8 – NFP

In November, I ordered a new computer with windows 8 installed. After 20 days, I reimaged my system back to windows 7. Here is my rationale.

1. the good – solid operating system underpinning…Microsoft has done some enhancements over windows 7 at the operating system level. I cannot think of any operating system change that I have come across that has not been an improvement

2. bad – two different interfaces ,the windows interface is different, in my mind unnecessarily so. You can get used to it; many people have and are able to move around the two interfaces. Additionally programs are either designed for one interface or another. So, there are two versions of skype, internet explorer, and so forth. Additionally, it seems that the touch screen style programs are not consistently designed. For example in every windows desktop program, you can print a document using <ctrl>P or File->Print. This does not seem to be the case in the touch screen style programs. I did not fiddle a lot with those programs, but I ran into it enough and found it confusing and frustrating. I find the whole nature of the two different styles of interfaces distracting and time consuming.

3. conclusion – Windows 8 is notfor prime time (NFP). I think Microsoft will have to make some changes to address the bipolar aspect of the interfaces before Windows 8 can gain some traction. Now, maybe the tablet style of working will take over and the majority of programs will be rewritten to take advantage of that style of interface, but only time will tell.

For me, I found the big difference in the user interface and the many small differences in the operating system underpinning (although as I said are all good, they are different) created a work environment that was distracting and time consuming and hindered my ability to focus on my work. I am going to have a machine set up where I can run windows 8 and learn more about it, but my work machines will be windows 7. And that is what I recommend for you.

Now the challenge is that when you walk into a retail store, all you will see are PCs running windows 8. True, but you can order a machine running windows 7 and that is what I recommend you do. Unless you have time on your hands and have some want to take the time to learn all about windows 8, my recommendation is to hold off for now. In a year, we can revisit the question.

If you have any insights, opposing views, please let me know. I know that my perspective is not gospel and am willing to learn.




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