Home Service & Support

Your computer is not working properly; your initial calls to tech support have resulted in aggravating, pointyfinger discussions and your problem is still not resolved. If this sounds all too familiar, keep reading. Lewallen Technology Services (LTS) will be the one to call when you have an issue with your system for either your PC or Mac.

Software Issues

When you have a problem installing or running software, I can help get it resolved quickly and efficiently. I’ll install a remote management system that allows me to resolve many problems without ever setting foot in your house.

Hardware Issues

Whether it’s getting a new component up and running, or resolving an issue with your existing computer, modem, or router, I will help you make the most of your existing hardware and recommend upgrades where needed to make your home computing experience the best it can be.

Home Networking

Want to get files from your desktop when you’re upstairs on your laptop? Can’t get your Macbook to see your wireless printer? I can resolve network issues so you can go back to streaming movies and printing coupons.

Block Undesirable Content

I can configure your network to block specific content, such as pornography or gambling sites. I can also help set up security features to protect your children online.

Data Protection & Recovery

Everybody knows by now you should backup your important files, but it isn’t urgent until it is. I will set up and monitor a backup system as well as anti-virus software to protect your files, photos and music and restore them quickly in the event of data loss.

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