Stop the chaos

and escape the cycle of misery that you often encounter when using computers and technology. I provide technological support for homes and small businesses so that you can focus on meeting your personal and business goals. Here’s why I want to help you.

Why LTS?

BUSINESS-FOCUSED I address the real issue, not just symptoms.

RELATIONSHIP-FOCUSED By listening to my clients, I get to the heart of the issue and address it directly.

PERSONAL SERVICE You will deal with me as opposed to whomever is on duty that day. By working together on a regular basis with current documentation, problems can be quickly addressed and you can get on with your business.

What clients are saying:

“He didn’t just fix our problems, he saw and suggested better ways of doing what we wanted to do and got us to where we needed to be.” Administrator, Racerunners, Inc

“It has saved countless hours of wasted time and energy to have someone knowledgeable and experienced who can proactively recommend IT processes for us and resolve problems when they occur.” Operations Administrator, Wellspring Group