The Journey

I got my first PC in 1983, a 30 lb Kaypro laptop. While I was fascinated with the technology, I was more interested in what it could do. During that time, I was a primary jet instructor pilot. You either typed things on a typewriter or submitted your document to the word processing center with a 3 day turnaround time. I started utilizing the word processing function with a printer typewriter to allow us to turn around our performance reports within a day, which was quite leading edge at the time.

I spent the second half of my military career in information technology and have served in various engineering leadership roles since then. While I was in charge of engineers, my focus was to insure what we were doing made a difference for the user of the technology.

Over the years, I have informally supported family and close friends. This experience has helped me formalize my strategy for LTS. I love helping people learn how to more effectively use their technology and set up their systems so they can focus on what they want to do vs fiddling with the computer.

It seems like the small business (1-5 employees) is under served by the IT services community and forced into a break-fix model which is frustrating and unproductive. Setting up a strategy that minimizes technology problems and prevents downtime allows the small business owner to focus on business. My goal is to help the business owner develop and implement this strategy and work together to more effectively leverage technology.


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