Cycle of Misery

Break the Cycle

1. Your system is ready to fail.

Did you know that the probability of a significant catastrophic event (computer crash, virus, etc.) almost doubles once your hardware is three years old? In addition, the following factors set you up for chaos if anything goes wrong:

  • An antivirus that is not configured or working properly
  • The lack of a backup strategy
  • The lack of documentation on your system configuration
  • Equipment that is more than three years old and out of warranty

The amazing part of computing technology is not that it breaks, but that it continues to work with so much neglect.  But inevitably, something will happen;  and when it does, you realize right away that your technology was the cardiovascular system of your business and this problem is creating total chaos.

2. Something goes wrong.

Your hard drive fails. A virus causes the machine to shut down completely. Your computers, CDs and storage drives are destroyed in a fire or flood. Lightning strikes your house and fries your hard drive.

Do you have a backup system in place? What about all of your software installation CDs, not to mention license keys to activate software, passwords, etc.?

Do you know how to restore your machine, or a new one, from a backup file? Do you have any lists or documentation to make restoration go smoothly, or will you be scrambling around for weeks as you notice holes in your workflow that need to be patched?

3. Panic sets in.

At this point, most people begin to  realize that recovery from this situation is not going to be straightforward, simple or cheap.  Much time will be wasted trying to document in arrears (finding passwords, trying to find software disks, documentation).  A hard drive failure when you have no backup system in place is going to be at the least expensive, at most fatal. And while you’re stressed over trying to manage the failure, your business is suffering.

4. You put a bandaid on the symptom.

Recovery in these cases involves fixing the point where the system broke (having Geek Squad replace the failed hard drive, for example) and then, hopefully, reinstalling all the software (you do have the original disks, correct?).  After all that money spent, most people are reluctant to make any technology investment to break the cycle of misery. Therefore the cycle continues, with a system that is not documented, backed up, or up to reasonably maintained.

This is where I come in.

I’ll document, backup and monitor your system so that recovery from a catastrophic incident is easy. Furthermore, the peace of mind you’ll have will allow you to invest wisely in improving your technology in ways that enhance your home, life or business.

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