What clients are saying…

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Administrator // Racerunners, Inc

I HIGHLY recommend the services that Ric has to offer.  I work for a small, non-profit organization and when I first met Ric, he totally took us to another level in terms of our ability to function and more effectively fulfill our vision both in the short term and long term.  By utilizing his in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the varied technologies in use today, he was able to effectively implement a new way of doing things that simplified what had been a very cumbersome work flow.  He didn’t just fix our problems, he saw and suggested better ways of doing what we wanted to do and got us to where we needed to be.  Additionally, he has been there all along to oversee and troubleshoot anything that has come up.  We have never had a problem that he was not able to address and correct in a timely manner.  His ability to offer remote support makes maintenance and troubleshooting much easier and has eliminated most of the down we had before when we would have to take the computer to someone.  I cannot say enough about Ric and what he has to offer.  Ric is not only talented, but he is gifted at what he does, and there is a difference.

Owner // Eagle’s Nest Mountain Construction, Inc

Ric’s knowledge and insight into our business’s IT needs, installing the remote desktop support model, has given us the flexibility to work from multiple locations,accessing both personal and office files 24/7 with ease. His attentiveness provides us with the confidence that our business and personal information systems are secure and running efficiently.

We have always appreciated Ric’s ability to address our key issues in a timely manner, when you call Ric for support you talk to Ric, who has always been able to identify and provide solutions in a clear and approachable way, building a trusting working relationship.

Operations Adminstrator // Wellspring Group

Ric Lewallen has been providing technical support for our ministry, Wellspring Group, for several years. The support has been invaluable to our organization. Because we are a relatively small ministry—fewer than 10 on staff—we do not have the luxury of an on-staff IT specialist. But with Ric’s assistance we have been able to operate as if we had our own in-house IT person. Whenever we have had a problem we could call Ric and describe the problem and he would beam into our computer from a remote location and take care of it. I didn’t have to sit on the phone with someone from a foreign country trying to explain a problem I couldn’t identify and trying to follow the steps they took me through. Whether it was a software compatibility, hardware or network problem Ric could take care of it. With the remote access Ric is able to go into the computer, find the problem and fix it. I can be at my computer or away from it while he works. It has saved countless hours of wasted time and energy to have someone knowledgeable and experienced who can proactively recommend IT processes for us and resolve problems when they occur.

College President, Consultant

After I retired as a college president I decided to go into consulting work.  However, I was in the “dark ages” when it came to using computers.  I contacted Ric Lewallen and he started the process of equipping and training me—and continues to provide timely and competent IT service.

As I look back I am amazed at how enjoyable and painless this journey has been because of Ric’s competence, educational skills and expertise.  He is a pleasure to work with.

Ric literally started me at “square one.”  Within 24 hours of telling him what I thought my needs were—which Ric refined and helped me clarify—a computer had been purchased and delivered to my home, Internet service and email had been set up and I was taking my first lessons.

Ric not only provides competent service, he also has the gift of “thinking” himself into your individual needs and providing exact solutions and recommendations.  Ric has the ability to quickly understand your needs and to provide information or programs that will help you become more effective in the use of your computer.

Ric is also an excellent and patient teacher.  He is a proficient trouble shooter who is able to find and quickly fix any problem.  And, he does most of this through remote desktop support.  This is extremely convenient and timely.

In summary, I have found Ric to be thoughtful, thorough and extremely competent, and he keeps himself so up-to-date that he always provides “state of the art” IT service.  I can give him the highest recommendation.

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