Heads Up Message–AVG 2013–how to stop popups

AVG 2013 has instituted a new, somewhat annoying popup which asks if you want to change your web home page and your default search to AVG safe search. It is not obvious what they are asking and you may be tempted to say OK. This will result in those changes being made to your browser. You can change your settings back by going to tools->options->General and changing your web page back to your default setting.

For those who have not said yes, when the popup appears, you can uncheck the boxes in the dialog box and click on decline and the message will go away and not come back.

To stop all messages from AVG (recommended; you will still get notified if you get an actual virus), you can change the settings in the AVG interface. First open up the interface by clicking on the on the avg icon on your desktop. It will show up as shown in this picture. Click on options in the top right hand corner. Click on the advanced settings.


On the advanced settings page, you will see the option to uncheck the Display system tray notifications.


Uncheck the box and then click on apply.


Once you have done this, AVG will continue to do its work without creating confusion.

If you have any questions, you know where you can reach me.


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