Organizing Photos Dilemma

One the most consistent questions I get from people is,  “How do I organize my photos?”  It was a frustrating question to answer, as I had a system which worked for me, but it was not fully thought out, which made it subsequently hard to teach. In an effort to answer the question for my clients, I embarked on a research project to see what I could learn. I knew I wanted to use Picasa. The reason is that Picasa is: 1)Free, 2)Powerful enough, 3) works in both windows and OSX/mac environments; 4) did not attempt to hide the file structure/location of your photos from you so you know where your pictures are. As with most powerful programs, there is a learning curve, which I was loath to climb. I learned enough to get by, but not much beyond that.

It was in this time of research that I came across a site run by Vlad Georgescu called Organize Pictures It was intriguing enough that I took the plunge, paid for the class and started through the materials. I was/am very impressed with Vlad’s strategy and straightforward way of teaching it. He offers a way out of total chaos (pictures on multiple machines, sd cards, with no organization) to a straightforward, repeatable, and sustainable process that you can carry on with after you have completed the training. If you take the class, he offers you a one-on-one session to help you get started in this new discipline.

Do not be deluded; this is not a magic wand, buy the course and all your pictures will be organized with no effort on our part. Getting organized in any aspect of your life takes work and discipline. But Vlad’s process is pretty much guaranteed to succeed if you follow it. It is not overwhelming or complex and if you decide to take the course, you can succeed. I like the fact that he points out a way out of chaos that is not overwhelming and the steps provide points of success that motivate you to keep on working through the process.

If you want to take on getting your photos organized and are serious about it, this is the best $56 dollars you can spend. Vlad has offered a 25% discount for my clients.  Use the following discount code: 25CLASS.





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